Job’s Daughters

Job’s Daughters International is an international organization for girls who are related to a Master Mason. Young women who are between 10 to 20 years old and have a relationship to a Master Mason or who are daughters of Majority Members may join this group. While Job’s Daughters is not part of the Masonic Fraternity, this eligibility requirement creates a close bond with the Masonic Order.

While Job’s Daughters takes its name and teaches lessons from the Book of Job, no specific religion is required other than a belief in God. The 42nd chapter of the Book of Job states, “And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job.”

Two meetings are held per month at local chapters called Bethels. The young women get together and plan activities and service projects. Activities range from arts and crafts, soccer, bowling, parties, picnics, parades, outings, and other recreational events. Each Bethel plans its own activities and elects its own officers. Girls can learn leadership skills by actively participating in various positions and planning committees.

While having fun is certainly a part of Job’s Daughters, helping others is equally stressed. Community service projects are a major focus throughout the year. Job’s Daughters’ chosen charity is the HIKE (Hearing Impaired Kid’s Endowment) Fund which provides hearing assistive devices for hearing impaired children in need. Many Bethels have taken their mission to heart and have even gone so far as to learn sign language to better communicate with the hearing impaired.

In addition to supporting the HIKE Fund, Bethels serve their communities in many other ways including food drives, fundraisers, and hospital visits.

Job’s Daughters offers young women the chance to learn how to lead. Each Bethel is self-governing with elected officers (an Honored Queen and her officers) that lead the group for a term of six months. Adult volunteers assist the Honored Queen and the officers as they take care of the Bethel’s business including finances, fundraising, and activity planning.

Job’s Daughters values education and insists that the duties and activities do not interfere with school or home responsibilities. In addition, scholarships are awarded each year at both the international as well as the regional level to help members reach their educational goals.

Job’s Daughters receive their Masonic heritage from their relationship with a Master Mason and share a common bond with the other girls in their Bethel. Together, they enjoy activities, charitable works, character building, spiritual development, and camaraderie.