Masonic Service Association of North America

The Masonic Service Association of North America has been around for centuries. It was formed in a cryptic nature; and many uncertainties still remain about its beginning stages. The organization began functioning in American during the colonial period. Today the Masonic Service Association of North American focuses on outreach and other services to the local community. The fraternal organization remains very active in society today.

The fraternity coordinates activities for hospital outreach projects. It offers an extensive hospital visitation programs to disabled veterinarians in V.A. hospitals. In addition to visiting and helping to care for patients in the nation’s V.A. hospitals, it also coordinates visitation programs in Extended Care Facilities and States Veteran Homes throughout North America.

The Masonic Service Association of North America also leads major fundraisers. The funds raised by the fraternal organization are used to help provide the much-needed assistance to disabled veterans. The National Masonic Charity is funded by over 51 Grand Lodges located through North America. The donations have proven to be instrumental in supporting the major efforts aimed at improving the lives of veterans that reside in extended care facilities, or are currently hospitalized.

The fraternal organization is also heavily involved with the youth. It both runs and supports youth organizations throughout North America for young men and women. The groups coordinated through the Masonic Service Association of North America focus on fostering a commitment among its youth to excel academically and be involved in the community. Youth participants in this program are encouraged to be active leaders and serve in their local neighborhood.

The organization also works to promote awareness in the local communities it serves. It has coordinated functions aimed at raising awareness on issues like dyslexia. It serves as an advocate for needy children by organizing fundraising events to provide assistance. It is responsible for successfully coordinating blood drives in the various communities through North America.

Through voluntary donations, it also provides scholarship opportunities for high school and college students. The Masonic community offers these scholarships to deserving youth in the local areas. The sponsored and eligible candidates can receive funding to help assist them with the costs of higher education.

The Masonic Service Association also actively supports other service organizations. It provides generous support to organizations like the Eastern Star, the Scottish Rite, and the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The active fraternal organization is extremely involved in its local communities.