The Masonic Angel Fund

The Masonic Angel Fund is a Masonic charity that is primarily funded through donations. It is a nationwide charity that has been around since the year of 2000. The charity’s objective is to help the children in need in the local community. The funds are administered and managed on the local level by the lodges.

Meeting the needs of children ineligible for social programs

One goal is to make a difference in everyday lives of children that do not qualify otherwise for other programs. While there are ample social services available to families in need, there are some families that do not qualify for these programs. The Masonic Angel Fund functions to meet that need among children who only need moderate assistance. The unmet needs of children are being facilitated through the fund, which works closely with area public schools to accomplish this. For example, a child in need of a winter coat or school supplies for the new school year could receive such assistance through the Masonic Angel Fund.

Provision of minor health services to children

The organization also provides minor health services to local children in the community. Some of the local lodges provide limited dental care services. They also provide minor health and screening services to children. Children that may be in need of a physical or screening for eye health could potentially be helped through the Masonic Angel Fund. The organization is committed to helping the community meet the health needs of children in the local areas it serves. This is beneficial to families that are struggling with the affordability of health-related services for their children.

Administration of the fund

The money is raised at a local level through lodges in the community. The overhead costs incurred with administration of the Masonic Angel Fund is absorbed and handled through the local lodge. The organization aims to make sure that all funds generated through the Masonic Angel Fund is used to the benefit of the children in the local community.

The Masonic Angel Fund provides assistance to students in communities throughout the United States. Overhead is completely managed by the lodge and all of the money raised by the Masonic Angel Fund is used to the benefit of children in the community. The fund has played an integral role in the community for a decade. Its commitment to the children in the community includes; meeting the needs of children that cannot otherwise be met through established social service programs, and the provision of minor health services.