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Discussion in 'General masonic Discussion' started by Windrider, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Windrider

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    Ancient York (no numbers in MA)
    I got a letter in the mail from Scottish Rite that said that since I had achieved the Master Mason Rookie Award that I was being invited to attend a one-day session at Grand Lodge to become a 32nd degree SR Mason. I remembered many discussions on this and other forums about getting the first three degrees in a day and the pros and cons of that. Twenty nine degrees in a day seems like it would require a Tardis.

    I found out that it would only be the four required degrees (4, 14, 18, and 32 I think) and not all twenty nine so unfortunately there is no need for the Doctor's Time Machine. Even so, it seems like cheating to me. The men I know in SR are very active and enjoy it immensely. I just wonder about the value of the one-day to 32nd degree class. Would you do it?

    Just a note about the Rookie Award. I had to do 14 Masonic tasks in my first year as a Mason. The program is designed to give the new Mason a deep immersion in the Craft and I enjoyed it. The tasks were, for example:

    Help prepare candidates.
    Help set up the lodge room.
    Attend a Masonic funeral.
    Sponsor a candidate.
    Serve on an investigative committee.
    Watch each of the degrees from the sidelines.
    Attend the district exemplification.
    Attend a Grand Lodge Event.
    Attend a Building Association meeting.
    help with a fundraiser.

    Once the Mason completes these tasks, he gets a certificate and pin presented by the DDGM and is invited to a special dinner with the Grand Master.
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    I will be honest here , I went through the same way as described above and received little light . The degrees I did see were beautiful and informative but I would have to seen them all .
  3. jason

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    Here they put on the degrees over two days. The degree's you mentioned are the last degree's for each "section"

    Lodge of Perfection
    Chapter of Rose Croix
    Council of Kadosh

    There should be a 30th degree put on also.

    It is a lot to go through. I loved some of the degree's like the 14th. But it is so much, even over two days, it is hard to grasp it all. I do not know of any Valley that does one degree at a meeting anymore.

    Congratulations on the award.
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    You will find that close to 100% of the SR Masons have went through either a 1 day as I did or 2 day. If you were to try and attend each degree individually it could take you many...many...many years.
  5. Windrider

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    Ancient York (no numbers in MA)
    That's something of a surprise to me. I was relating it to the general attitude of one-day-mason classes for the first three degrees. I am on the side of having at least a month to absorb the lessons and gain proficiency between the degrees. Based on that attitude I expected SR to take me about three years to complete at a minimum.
  6. removed12612

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    There is no proficiency in the SR......
  7. BukeyeJackson

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    Grand Lodge of OHIO 14th District
    In OH, they have the 31st and 32nd every time but the others switch depending on where the Reunion is held.

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