Movies that are your guilty pleasure

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
"Honors flysis,
income beasis,
onchess knobsis,
inknob keysis."

I just watched one of my favorite movies: "Murder, He Says," with Fred MacMurray and Marjorie Main, from 1945. It's a comedy about a hidden treasure of stolen loot, the (female) robber coming back to look for it, the (imposter of the robber) daughter of the framed bank auditor trying to clear his name, the murderous mountain family wanting to get the treasure, and finally, Pete (Fred MacM)- the hapless rural pollster caught up in all of it. The dying grandmother, knowing where the treasure is kept, teaches the simple minded girl to sing the song, so when her cousin, the bank robber returns, she will know where the key to the safe-deposit box is.

On horse, flies is,
in comb, bees is,
on chest, knob is,
in knob, key is.

It was good to see it again.



Masonic Mafia
I am a die hard Rocky Horror Picture Show fan myself ;-)
I wish they played Rocky Horror in the theaters around Halloween in my town like they used to in this one Lexington theater . I guess they dislike us coming in with our water pistols , toast , lighters (or glow sticks because of fire hazard laws) , etc; etc; . It's not a movie , it's an event !