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Brethren, looking for assistance.

Our current VotSL has been a fixture in our Lodge for nearly 70 years, it has seen better days. One of the PM’s has been tasked with retiring it and finding a replacement, but the request has proven more difficult. Our constitution states that the VotSL must be the King James Bible, Authorized Version. Unfortunately, most Anglican churches in Ontario now use one of several modern revised versions (Jerusalem, New English, etc.). It’s hard enough to find a KJ Version, let alone a Masonic one. He’s tracked down a few, but only in 8.5” x 11” and the like…we’re hoping to find a larger, alter size Bible.

A brother is returning to England in March and is hoping to find one there, but it was suggested that our fraternal brethren in the southern United States might possibly continue use the ol’ King James.

If anyone knows where one can be procured, I’d appreciate a lead to forward on to the PM.

Thanks in advance!


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Yeah if you google "masonic supplies" or something like that you will see some good sites. You can even find some on amazon.


Also check e bay using "Masonic Bible" as a search. Allot of smmaler ones there but some altar sized one's available. There are a couple I thought of bidding as well for myself and as gifts!



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Thanks for the tips, folks. You're right...a pretty easy search will find many options.
The PM's an older gent, probably doesn't know too much about the "innernetz" LOL! I guess his research was old school.
I'll show him some of these options.



I have trouble accepting difficulty in finding one -- there are "altar sized" KJVs all over the place.


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Curious why such a specific bible. What do you use for the non-Christians?
When Lodge is in session, we always open with the KJV as our VotSL.

When degree work is being done we place a new VotSL on top...the candidate does all their obligations on the new one and gets to keep it after they are raised (signed by all the Brethren present). The one they obligate on is the one of their professed faith.