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    Skull and Crossbones


    I have A 3" patch on my motorcycle vest with the compass and square on it , but instead of the "G" in the center it has the skull and crossbones. I bought it off of E-bay,they called it A mason biker patch. There is even A Mason Riding group where their center patch is similar. I've been told it means mortality or Hiram Abiff. My neices husband ,that belongs to Prince Hall, told me it belongs to the dark side of the house. I'm just trying to find out the true meaning of this symbol and am I wrong for displaying it?
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    Not true. Watch what ya hear from the old guys. If its from the dark side, then a few thousand masons are in trouble (including my lodge counselor who has it on his ring). Its a classic symbol and on TONS of rings and pins. No big deal.

    this is what you are talking about, right? Embroidered Masonic Masons Biker Patch - Skull & Bones on eBay!

    Anyone else care to add some history?
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    Why would you wear a symbol if you don't know what it meant? :confused:

    As far as is it appropriate to "display"...It's kind of the equivalent of putting on a Hell's Angel's patch and riding around town if you aren't a member of that club. If you aren't a Mason you shouldn't wear it. It could be considered disrespectful.

    I've never heard of the dark side of the house before. I don't know what he's referring to. The dark side of my house is the side with the lights turned out after the meeting.
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    It is perfectly acceptable for you to wear it Brother. It is known as a "Memento Mori", a rememberence of death. The skull and crossed bones is an ancient Masonic symbol that was removed from the American cannon in the mid 1800's after the Morgan Affair when they were making Masonry more "palatable" to the average American.

    It is on my Lode ring, given to me by my WM,

    It is on numerous Masonic articles I own (we get ours from Europe),

    Look at my avatar to the left (that is my Lodge's emblem (Ben Franklin #83)

    A quick Google search on memento mori will show that it has been a popular practice in many cultures and times and is far from evil. It is a reminder to all of us that none may know the hour of his death and to live accordingly.

    (I have the same patch)

    Dark side, indeed! LOL
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    No pirate refrences at all. either.......
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    However, if you contemplate memento mori and the pirate lifestyle, their lives were typically short and death was a daily reality so there is are parallels... ARR!
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    [I'm not a lit. major]
    I recall hearing that a subplot in a Russian novel involved a man feeling alone and adrift who meets a man wearing a ring with 'a skull, the symbol of Freemasonry!'
    Anybody know the reference?

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    thanks for the information Brothers. I was just raised to MM last month so, some of the more esoteric symbols of the craft are still new to me.

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