Top Ten Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Forts

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by jason, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. jason

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    10. AT&T Long Lines Building

    The AT&T Longs Lines building houses all of AT&Ts important cables. This concrete monster could fit a miniature city inside of it completely impenetrable to the horde.

    -Large indoor space
    -Plenty of iPhones

    -Dropped calls
    -Spotty coverage

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    #4 looks fun. Although so does #8. Hard choice.
  2. 2SONDAD

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    Mosaic #218
    Some of those were very cool. I kept wondering, "what about NORAD?" and there it was.....#1!
  3. goomba

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    Kensington-Bethesda No. 198
    I find it hilarious that the Mormon Church made it on the list. Makes me think that maybe the Zombie's might be a tool of the Mormon's to take over. Conspiracy theory in the making....
  4. Windrider

    Windrider Plus-sized tuxedo model

    Ancient York (no numbers in MA)
    The Zombie Apocalypse is one of my boss and my favorite lunch topics. We usually carry on discussions of what our weapons load-out should be. Mine is: 2 Berretta m9 pistols, a breaching shotgun, a crossbow, and a browning .308 with a variable scope. Of course, back at the bunker would be the Barret M107 A1 for those long-range takedowns.

    The Berettas just feel like they used my hand for the design of the grip. You can find 9mm ammo almost anywhere.

    The breaching shotgun is good up close and makes a wonderful master key to get into any building.

    Silent but deadly is the word on the crossbow. Plus, I know how to make the bolts and they are reusable.

    I will need to hunt, thus the Browning 308.

    Now the least practical of the bunch is the Barret Arms M107 A1. Finding 50 Cal rounds is not going to be easy and carrying around a gun that big and heavy is not going to be much fun. On the other hand, it is just too cool not to put on the list.

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