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Discussion in 'Initiation' started by lordknows86, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. lordknows86

    lordknows86 New Member

    I recently moved to augusta Ga and i dont know anyone here or any masons. i want to know how do i become a mason.......... can anyone just go to a lodge and join? Where do i begin?
  2. Winter

    Winter I've been here before

    Well, you've sort of taken the first step. You found some Masons and asked!

    But to really start on your journey, you need to specifically know some GA Masons. There are a few here, I think, that can help and we'll see if we can scare some up for you.

    Most websites for Grand Lodges have information on them that helps an interested person find more information. I just checked out the Georgia site and it didn't appear to be much help! LOL Home

    So stick around and we'll see if we can get some more info to you. In the mean time, feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Bob Franks

    Bob Franks Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer

    Wayne Lodge 112, AF&AM of NC
    Masonry is a pretty serious undertaking. Masons are reluctant to sign your petition unless they are very aware of your good character and behavior. Without knowing a Mason of at least a year, it would be difficult to get him to sign your petition.
    If you are from Georgia, it might be easier to petition a lodge in your home area, and have the degrees done in the Augusta area if your petition is accepted. If not, then contact a few lodges nearby, and when you are comfortable that a lodge has members you would like to fellowship with (each lodge seems to have a different 'flavor'), spend some time letting the members getting to know you and then see if your new friends would agree to sign your petition.

    from the internet, some Augusta lodges:
    Grand Lodge of F&AM of GA:

    Clarence H. Cohen Lodge #749, 3412 Washington Rd, Martinez, GA. 1st Sat 10:00 am 3rd Sat Apr. Contact: Jerry Lamar DeRamus, 4603 Black Road, Augusta, 30906 (706) 772-9049

    Fleming Lodge #718, 2008 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA, 3rd Mon, 8:00 pm Contact: Vernon William Childress, 3753 Woodcock Dr., Hephzibah, 30815 (706) 793-8034

    George Walton Lodge #699, 3006 Damascus Rd, Augusta, GA, 2nd Thu, 8:00 pm, Contact: Roy H. Stampley, Jr., 3101 Wyman St., Augusta, 30906 (706) 798-7691

    John S. Davidson Lodge #677, 3201 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA, 2nd Thu, 8:00 pm, Contact: Frank H. Mixon, 952 Old Louisville Road, Harlem 30814 (706) 556-9940

    Social Lodge #1, 3201 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA, 2nd Tue, 7:00 pm, Contact: Henry Franklin Toole, Sr., 1436 Heath St.Augusta 30904; (706) 736-2447

    Webb Lodge #166, 3201 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA, 3rd Mon, 8:00 pm, Contact: T. Gregory Oblak, 4621 Woodbridge Ct. Evans 30809; (706) 863-4965

    MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia:

    Gibraltar Lodge #265, Wrens, Contact: Lionusetus Watson
    Meets: 2nd/4th Fridays 7pm

    Crawfordville Lodge #266, Crawfordville, Contact:Floyd Bowman
    Meets: 1st/3rd Wednesdays 8pm

    St. Barnabus Lodge #91, Warrenton, Contact: Ricky Tarver
    Meets: 2nd/4th Fridays 8pm

    New Era Lodge #107, Augusta, Contact: Kevin L. Black
    Meets: 1st/3rd Wednesdays 8pm

    Compass Lodge #160, Sparta, Contact: Michael Heath
    Meets: 1st/3rd Tuesdays 8pm

    Bannaker Lodge #3, Augusta, Contact: Basil Jarrett
    Meets: 2nd/4th Mondays 8pm

    Good luck!
  4. CoachN

    CoachN Builder Builder

    Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252
    You begin by clearly understanding why you want to join Freemasonry.
  5. BukeyeJackson

    BukeyeJackson ViMH Advisory Board

    Grand Lodge of OHIO 14th District
    Just felt it needed to be seen twice! :D
  6. lordknows86

    lordknows86 New Member

    so can i just go to the lodge on the scheduled meeting date or should i call first?
  7. BukeyeJackson

    BukeyeJackson ViMH Advisory Board

    Grand Lodge of OHIO 14th District
    It might be a good idea to call or e-mail the Lodge secretary and let him know your interests. The Lodge might have a get together or dinner to which you could come. This will allow you to meet them in a casual setting.
  8. Ashlar2006

    Ashlar2006 Masonic Mafia Staff Member

    First off , welcome to Freemason Hall .

    You may call or e-Mail a lodge Secretary first , but many lodges do not mind non-Masons popping in . We have had this done at my lodge before . A young man wanted to be a Mason , but knew of none . He spotted all the cars and trucks at lodge so he stopped in . He broke bread and talked with us . He had a good time and we all liked him from the start . Turned out to be a damn fine Brother .
  9. lordknows86

    lordknows86 New Member


    O.k thanks for all your help, I,m going to move forward with the information I have obtained from you all and keep my status updated on my progression............... again, thanks...:)
  10. WM Social Lodge 2010-2011

    WM Social Lodge 2010-2011 New Member

    Social Lodge #1
    lordknows86 contact me


    I am the current and Past Master for Social Lodge in Augusta, GA.

    We currently have gentlemen that are going through the same
    situation, they havent known anyone in our lodge for a year.
    Send me an e-mail (shriner.n.augusta@comcast.net) and I
    will give you additional information.

    Excellent advice has been given, show up to our lodge on
    meeting night and we will get to know you. In GA, a member of
    the lodge you are petitioning has to know you for at least a year.

    Be assured, there have been alot of us that have done the same.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Randy Tillman, WM/PM
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  11. lordknows86

    lordknows86 New Member

    becoming a mason

    ok i will send u an email............ are there any special qualifications? ( age, education, race, career field, etc.?)

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