What does being a Freemason mean to you?


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What does being a Freemason mean to you? Does it mean being in a large social club? Does it mean doing charity work? Does it mean learning about yourself?


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What it means to me? I think it is a group of like minded men who are out to make themselves and other better. By associating with Men who are like minded and striving to make themselves better it can only make me a better husband, father and overall person.

With that said I also believe that being a Shriner has it's perks as well, not only do I get to support a great charity in the hospitals but I also get to have alot of fun with my family in the form of trips to MASA, shrine events and parades.


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What Does Freemason Mean To Me

Really There Isnt Enough Time Or Space For Me To Really Tell You But What I Will Say Is. Its One Of The Best Things To Ever Happen To Me. After Becoming A Brother And Being Brought Into The Light Alot Of Things Have Become Clearer. Knowing I Have Other Brothers Around The World Who I Can Count On When Times Are Good And Bad. To Me We Are All Bothers No Matter What Order We Belong Too The One Thing That Saddens Me Is The Fact That Some Brothers Because They Belong To A Different Order Or Race. To Me This Something That Should Have Brought All Of Together And Closer And I Still Am Praying For That Day. For All My Brothers Continue To Seek More Light Because Light Is Knowledge And Knowledge Is Light You Can Never Get Enough


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I like being part of a group of like minded people and being part of something larger than myself.


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The fraternity has definately opened my eyes to a lot of things, for that I am very grateful. Being a mason is not something that can be measured as everyone of us has a special feeling or reason for wanting to, and actually going through with joining. I initially joined because of my father and the charity work that was being done. I had been volunteering with the local fire company and ambulance company and wanted to, and enjoyed helping others. After learning about freemasonry and the fact that they donate Millions of dollars everyday to helping others, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. As we all know, it is not for the recognition of our good deeds do we take to heart, but rather the belief and the knowing that it will do some good in the world, that we, as freemasons, continue to give so freely.
Freemasonry is truely a way of life, and a way of living.