A Fraternity of Good Works

Freemasonry is an organization not fully understood by most people. It is a fraternity unlike any other. The world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization, it has transcended over three hundred years, countless dividing wars, and many attempts to end the misunderstood good works done by its members. Members of high moral character, bonded through a common goal of the betterment of people, have always stood for what they believe in.

What do Freemasons believe in? It should not be a complete mystery, but it is apparent that many people do not know. To delve into this “mystery”, one must understand that Freemasonry is not a religion, does not teach a particular religion, nor does it have a political affiliation of any kind. Freemasons come from a variety of backgrounds, from different sects of Christianity to Islam and even religions not of Abraham, such as Hinduism.

Every Freemason is required to acknowledge their faith that there is a “Grand Architect of the Universe.” It is a term that describes a Supreme Being that all Freemasons believe in. This can appear as however the individual Freemason believes in through their own specific beliefs. Freemasonry does not teach a specific religion, it simply allows someone to support their religion through good deeds.

Some people question how this can happen without argument about religion or politics in between Freemasons. Freemasonry is such so that there is no argument between what is taught in church and what is taught in a Masonic Grand Lodge. Also, discussion of religion is highly discouraged between Freemasons. As for politics, Freemasons are taught to respect the laws of their country to their highest ability to deter any political conflicts. All that counts is that they are brothers taking part in a grand philanthropic overture.

There are some objections to Freemasonry. Most, if not all, are unfounded and are made due to a lack of knowledge about the fraternity. Perhaps the biggest one is that Freemasonry is a religion and/or cult. That is absolutely not true, as described in the paragraphs above. Freemasonry does not teach any gospel; it simply allows people to act on their beliefs without expressing them.

Another false objection to Freemasonry is that it is an evil, secret organization that is determined to rule the world, covertly or otherwise. Freemasonry is a humanitarian organization that would never dream of oppressing anyone, let alone the entire world. It is just another attempt to pass blame on an organization that not many people know too much about.

Many other objections include false accusations of devil worship, associations with the Ku Klux Klan, and assassinations to protect the Freemasons’ devious plans much akin to the Illuminati. None of that is true. While it is true that Freemasons have some secrets, there is nothing that comes close to malignant. These secrets simply concern rituals that Freemasons prefer to keep private.

To learn more about Freemasonry, one simply needs to go to a Masonic Grand Lodge and ask. There are many Freemason Grand Lodges around the world. To locate one, an Internet search is all that is needed. From Freemasons at a Grand Lodge, one can learn much more about Freemasonry, including information about how to join. The requirements to join are: be a freeborn man of good character and recommendation; have a belief in a Supreme Being; have ability to support self and family; join Freemasonry by one’s own accord. A chance to perform good deeds through a fraternity of brotherly love is rewarding, though it oftentimes will not be easy. Seek out knowledge and learn more about Freemasonry.