Finding the Perfect Free Mason Ring to Show People

With the variety of Free Mason rings available, finding the perfect Free Mason ring to show people can seem like a difficult decision. Rings are created to reflect not only the unity within the brotherhood of the Free Masons but to reflect the personal beliefs of the individual. These rings are worn as a symbol of the commitment made between the Free Masons and the individual and are an outward way to show this commitment.

As only master Masons are permitted to wear Free Mason rings, selecting the perfect one is an important decision in any Mason’s life. The first step to finding the perfect ring is to select the type of metal used. Gold is often the most popular choice with silver a close second. Other metals may include titanium or platinum if so desired for the Free Mason ring though gold is almost always chosen for its symbolism with wealth and power. Once the base metal has been selected, the next step is to choose a symbol that will be used on the signet ring.

The most commonly selected symbol for a Free Mason ring is the square and compass. This symbol encompasses several of the ideologies within the Free Mason society including that Masons should be “square” or fair to their fellow man and within all of their dealings. This symbol also is used by Blue Lodge Masons for their Master Mason rings in addition to those used by other lodges.

The letter “G” is also often used for Masonic rings, often in conjunction with the square and compass. This letter is used to not only represent God but also geometry, which is a frequent theme within Masonic society. It is also common to see this letter on its own on rings but it may also be combined with Hebrew letter “YOD” as part of the design. Those who belong to different lodges may also use other symbols on their Masonic rings such as Shrine rings, Templar rings or a simple cross design. Designs may also be combined with the traditional square and compass.

Once crafted, the ring should be cared for as it is a symbol of belonging and unity within the Masonic society. As these rings have such significance they are a symbol of achievement and prestige and should be viewed as such. These rings allow Masons to identify other members easily and it further strengthens the unity felt by those within the Masonic society.