Learn How You Can Become a Freemason

Many believe that there are some complex requirements that must be met in order to become a mason. There are only several key requirements that must be met in order to become a part of this fraternal service organization.

It is the goal of the organization to recruit the most desirable members. It is required that men be in good standing in their surrounding community. Because, the organization values its own reputation, it aims to prevent the admission of individuals with a tarnished image from becoming affiliated with the community. A person has a better chance of being admitted into the organization if one can be vouched for by a current member in good standing.

Spirituality and faith are important aspects of freemasonry. Individuals are required to show belief in some supreme being. The organization strongly discourages one from using the principles and beliefs of the organization as a substitute to religious beliefs. Prayer is a major part of the meetings. In its goal to avoid endorsement of one single religion, a universal term is substituted in all of the prayers. There is no in-depth examination of a person’s beliefs required of potential members. One only has to express and profess a belief in a Supreme Being. From there, no other questions are made regarding a person’s spiritual private life. Atheists are not permitted into the organization.

The ability to lead and provide for a family is a major requirement for being considered for membership. The individual must be able to demonstrate that he has the ability to provide financially for his family. Much of the projects involve the community and helping families. It is expected that potential members be able to serve as an example in the community. The freemasonry organization measures the man by his ability to care for his family in a responsible manner.

The age requirements vary in various chapters. The minimum age for majority of the local chapters is the age of 18. In some locations, the age requirement could be 19 or 21. One can verify the age requirements for membership through a local Grand Lodge.

Members should join of their free will and accord. Membership recruitment initiatives, such as membership drives, aren’t held for this reason. A person must seek information and take initiative to learn about the history of the organization. A mason could approach a potential person, and inform them that they are ‘welcome’ to join the organization. The organization believes that people should become involved in the voluntary organization of their own volition.

Outstanding citizenship is another requirement. The individual must demonstrate loyalty to government. In fact, masons that do not demonstrate this attribute are guilty of a Masonic offense. Respect for the law on the local and national level is requisite for consideration as a member.

The individual must also be able to meet the financial obligations associated with membership. Initiation fees, in addition to annual fees, are required of members. The fees are structured to be affordable to those interested.

One must also show a genuine interest in the organization. The individual should make an effort to familiarize himself with the organization. This is to ensure that the person is the right fit for the organization. It also helps one make sure that he has all of the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about pursuing membership.

Any man interested in becoming a member of this organization should become familiar with the history of the freemasonry. One should also make an effort to learn more about the organization and the principles it stands for. One can inquire about attending a meeting with a local lodge and seek additional information at a meeting. No person is pressured or compelled to become a part of the organization. The freemasonry tradition is one of service and excellence in the community. To that end, the members live a lifestyle consistent with the values of the organization.