The Principles of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. The ultimate goal of the freemasonry fraternity is to improve the character of its members. Character is a man’s most valuable possession. Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote these poignant words of wisdom, “It is not enough merely to exist…..Every man has to seek in his own way to make his self more noble.” This motto captures the essence of what freemasonry aspires to achieve in every aspect of their lives. Freemasonry members are men from all walks of life, and they are from every race, creed and nationality. Freemasonry, as a group, is committed to making each member a better man. They are committed to attaining spiritual enlightenment so they can attempt to achieve moral perfection. Freemasonry strives to make the world a better and more humane place for all mankind.

Membership into the freemasonry is based on one essential qualification, a belief in a supreme being. Although freemasonry members believe in a Supreme Being or God, there is no discussion of religion or politics at lodge meetings. Freemasonry is extremely proud of their tradition of brotherhood, their unwavering allegiance to their country, and its member’s long history of countless acts of charity and compassion. Members of freemasonry are dedicated to the welfare and happiness of all human beings. The fundamental principles of the freemasonry are based on the Golden Rules. They want to alleviate human suffering and promote truth and everlasting happiness.

Over the years, freemasonry as a group has come under scrutiny for being a secret society. This fraternity is not a secret society as it has been proclaimed. Due to the large amount of charity work and their character-building activities, freemasonry is definitely not a secret organization. They continue to adhere to the ancient rule which doesn’t allow any discussion at meetings pertaining to politics or religion to avoid heated debates because of personal animosities.

There are 3 major principles freemasonry members must adhere to:

Brotherly Love – Members will show respect and tolerance toward other member’s viewpoints and display kindness and understanding to other people
Relief – Members will show kindness and provide charity to families, communities, church and all human beings.
Tney should seek truth and honesty, and live life by abiding to a higher moral standard thus achieving a higher quality of life.

Freemasonry has an impeccable record for helping others through its many charitable endeavors. They sponsor scholarship programs and loan funds to assist students in getting a good education. Masons supports research to help find the cure for numerous deadly diseases. They provide donations to hospitals and retirement homes to help provide quality care for the elderly. Shriners of North America, an institute for severely burned patients and disabled children, is a pet project for the freemasonry organization. Since 1934, The Scottish Rite Masons has supported a program that does research to find a cure for schizophrenia.

Many famous and notable men were members of the freemasonry organization, including George Washington and 13 other presidents. Freemasonry is an organization whose work is based on their belief in truth, righteousness, humaneness, love and honesty. Their meetings are held at lodges where the Volume of the Secret Law, the Square and Compass and the Three Great Lights of Freemasonry is always proudly displayed. Meetings occur in a designated place which is symbolically referred to as the Temple. Freemasonry symbols and rituals originated from ancient customs of architects and lapidaries. Brothers at lodge meetings are addressed both verbally and non verbally during rituals in which the journey to spiritual awareness is prepared. The history, goals, and principles of freemasonry are not a secret, but the customary modes of recognizing its members and its existing rituals are a secret. Members of the freemasonry can resign at anytime.