Book Review: The Royal Arch: Its Hidden Meaning

Royal Arch: Its Hidden Meaning by George H. Steinmetz remains a highly interesting book that covers a very specific facet of freemasonry. As the title indicates, the book delves into the subject of the Royal Arch. To those outside of the freemasonic world, the Royal Arch does not appear to have much meaning. In fact, you could say it is quite innocuous. In reality, there is much meaning behind the imagery of the Royal Arch. Nothing in freemasonry is without specific origins and meanings. That is what makes the study of freemasonry so interesting. Thanks to the work of George H. Steinmetz, a reader seeking the knowledge can definitively find it through this outstanding text.

The world of freemasonry is not something those on the outside know much about. This leads to a tremendous amount of curiosity regarding what exactly it entails. Such curiosity is boosted even further due to interest in the mysterious symbols associated with these symbols. Well, these symbols are not exactly secret to those in the know. For others that have a great deal of interest into the history and meaning behind freemasonry, it would be wise to explore the meaning behind its symbols. This will open a great many doors to the truth and dispel scores of myths commonplace in the more ranting conspiratorial tomes that delve into the subject of freemasonry.

Royal Arch: Its Hidden Meaning by George H. Steinmetz provides us with a detailed look at its subject matter in a mature and intelligent manner. This is not a cursory look into the subject of freemasonic symbols. It is well researched and written brilliantly. It is not a conspiracy text. It is an intriguing look at a small segment of cultural history.

The Royal Arch symbol is connected to a secret ritual found within the order of freemasonry. What does this particular ritual entail? Well, no one is going to give too much away in a review. You will need to read the book in order to learn Steinmetz’s research into the subject. Keep in mind, this work is not an encyclopedia. Rather, it is intended in many ways to be a somewhat speculative work. It bases its interpretation of research into the history that leads to the symbolism of the Royal Arch.

The research is clear and detailed. Some of it is open to interpretation so those that have long since been involved with freemasonry might not completely agree with the accuracy of the research. That said, this is clearly not an “off the wall” approach to the subject. The work does maintain an interesting look at an ancient symbol and the world that keeps its tradition alive to this very day.