4th of July


Masonic Mafia
So , what does everyone have planned for the 4th ?

We will be having our usual cook out and sitting on the back porch to watch the fireworks being set off on the river front .


BBQ with the family, then I am taking my older son to St. Petersburg to watch a FC Tampa Bay (Rowdies) soccer game. Afterwards there are fireworks.


ViMH Advisory Board
going out to the campground with the inlaws (I get to sit back and watch the drama) on Saturday then more fireworks on the 4th with the mini me's


Traveling Templar
Work as expected, but if I was home I'd go up to an old mining town with a large group of Masons and their families, and we'd have a huge camp-out...or I'd stay home, drink a few drinks, and light off some rockin' fireworks with my family.
Our Shrine Club is participating in a parade. We have an affiliated Clown unit. I believe I will be a clown. Then, beer and bbq


Staff member
If I make it back in time I would like to check out our Lodge's celebration which is on the 2nd. The 3rd I will most likely be getting my old house ready to be sold. The 4th I'll be at the wife's family for a b-day party.

I really would love to do some fireworks, but I cannot see spending the money right now. i thought about having a good friend and Brother over on the 2nd to relax and maybe have a few fireworks. Maybe if my brother is back by then, have him over.