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How old were your kids when you allowed them to walk or bike to school by themselves? I am so scared of letting mine even step outside my door without me, but I want them to be independent. Please tell me your stories.


It was Jr. High for us. The elementary school was about 2 miles away through numerous no.

I cannot prove it, but I believe my wife followed them to school at a distance for quite some time into their 7th grade year. The school was 1 mile form our house down a main road. By High school, we had gotten over it.


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My wife and I just had this conversation the other day. It amounted to the things I did as a kid I would never let my own do. Like play in the road, walk to school, ride bikes. Heck I don't even let my 6yr old play outside without any supervision.....I don't think my mother ever watched me while outside.....but we never did come up with a good answer on how much Parenting is too much on letting the little one grow up. Our 19 yr old isn't going to leave home I fear. In his first year of college, I wish he'd go play in the road sometimes....eating us out of house and home.