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Now , I know I have ranted about invitational only bodies before so I am well aware of the hypocrisy , BUT I have been invited to join the Allied Masonic Degrees . They only meet four times a year and confer degrees no longer in use . Now these degrees are only conferred for educational purposes only , we then sit and converse about the degrees and really hash them out afterwards .

Everyone wears tuxes , we open , then have a huge meal and we then head into the lodge room for the degree work . It is like a table lodge , and meetings are mandatory , if one can not make it , he must have a very good excuse .

This body only allows 50 members in and a slot opened up due to a death and I received the nod to become a member . I WANT to see these old degrees and this is the only way I can . reading about them is not the same as seeing them actually conferred .

I may look like a hypocrite but I am excited because I want to see these degrees . Plus two of my favorite people/friends/Masons are members so I get to spend more time with them .


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Congratulations, and good luck! I don't think you can be a hypocrite when looking for further knowledge and enlightening experience's. IMHO.


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Congratulations. And don't feel bad. :) I assume non members are not permitted to observe?


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I don't know why but I find this to be the most fascinating invitational body. Congratulations brother!