Ancient Hunting Weapon Discovered in Melting Ice


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What looked like a small branch that blew off a tree during a storm turned out to be an ancient wooden hunting weapon wielded by Paleo Indians.

The 10,000-year-old atlatl dart was discovered in a melting patch of ice high in the Rocky Mountains close to Yellowstone National Park.

The dart was made from a birch sapling and still carried personal markings from the ancient hunter. When it was shot, the 3-foot-long (0.9 meter) dart had a projectile point on one end, and a cup or dimple on the other that would have attached to a hook on throwing tool called an atlatl.

The Native American hunter would have used the atlatl, a tool about 2 feet long (0.6 m), for leverage to achieve greater velocity, said Craig Lee, of the University of Colorado at Boulder, who discovered the weapon.

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there was a special about the atlatl on weapon masters


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The atalatyl is an impressive weapon. Accurate with some practice and has great penetration. My uncle is an archaeologist and built an exact replica that is impressive.