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Just so it is not a complete surprise, I'm hoping to update the front page and articles next month. Most of it will depend on when James needs his second visit. But I'm hoping to bring a fresh new face to the front page, and draw some attention to the forums more. I've got about 80 articles, reviews and other information to add that will slowly start appearing over the year to the front page too.


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Likewise, I will volunteer any assistance I can. Now that I am done with college I will have time for my Masonic projects.


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Not at all. I fully plan on maintaining my Lodge memberships here as well. Florida and Wisconsin are in ammity and with all the snowbirds I doubt I will be the first with dual memberships! lol
I didnt know if membership in your TO Lodge had attendance requirements....I am sure you will enjoy the winters in FL much better than WI


I've been here before
It does have attendance requirements. But not so unreasonable that a Brother cannot retain his membership if he needs to move out of the area.

And it's actually an EC Lodge, not a TO. Subtle differences.

Here is the difference:
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If there is anything I can help with please let me know.