Brother's Grandson


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Tyler, the 7 year-old grandson of a good friend of mine & our Brother, has had a brain tumor removed and has been fighting to recover from this. He has started chemo, but last week he was admitted to the hospital completely paralyzed and on a ventilator. They ran a lot of tests and found cancer cells in his spinal fluid. The oncologist told the family that only 10 - 15% of the people that have this type of cancer survive. If you could send a few prayers his way, I know Tyler & his family would appreciate it.

It made me hug my grandkids a little tighter this past weekend.


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The true tragedies in life are when a young person like this is struck down before they have even had the chance to live. My thoughts and prayers go out to young Tyler and his family.


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I got some news about Tyler this past weekend, and it isn't good. The doctors say there is no brain activity. The family has decided to remove the life support sometime today and see what happens. Brother Grandpa Bob has developed a Staph infection in his hand and may not be able be there because of Dr's orders. Please keep Tyler & his family in you prayers.


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I must apologize for some confusion on my part about Brother Bob's grandson's -- his name is Tyson not Tyler (I misunderstood Bob and I was thinking too much about one of my grandsons).

Update on Tyson: he was removed from the ventilator and he woke up hungry for mac & cheese. While the drs say he is terminal, he is at home enjoying life and he just got a video message from his favorite music star Jason Aldean as well as backstage passes to one of Jason's concerts. He has also been granted a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation to go to Disney World. When I was visiting with Grandpa Bob on Monday, he mentioned that the Supreme Surgeon General was not ready for Tyson yet, that brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you for all your past and continued thoughts and prayers.


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A little late, and I apologize, but consider your request being done. Glad to hear he has come out of it, and hopefully he will be part of the 10% that make it.