Could you imagine?


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Food for thought:

Reading through one of the volumes of the "History of Royal Arch Masonry" I came into a chapter discussing the Most Excellent Master degree. In the second paragraph it states:

Again, we were permitted to witness the conferring of the degree in what was the largest tiled meeting of a chapter ever held. We refer to the degree conferred in the old Convention Hall in Kansas City, MO, in 1922, at which eight or nine thousand members of chapters, in and near Kansas City, witnessed the conferring the degree upon a class of more than 1,000 candidates. With a 75 piece orchestra, a chorus of 150 voices, and processions in which two or three hundred participated, it presented a picture which it will take many years to duplicate.
Could you imagine attending such a presentation?? This must have been quite the sight to see. With conducting the research for my book, I have been a little absent on posting articles, but once I read that paragraph that I had to share it with all of you.



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Something I doubt will be seen anytime soon. But I bet the candidates felt some strong energy that day.


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Say all you want about 'rightsizing' Freemasonry, 8-9000 Brothers in one place, adding a 1,000 more? Beyond cool.


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I don't know why Brothers get all googly-eyed over mass degrees. That pretty much nullifies the initiatic process. When I hear about those huge Masonic induction ceremonies all it does is piss me off that our Brothers didn't see the damage they were doing.


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Bro. Winter, it's not the mass degrees that impressed me in this thread, it was 9-10,000 Brothers in one place. With that many Brothers in one place that could have been a Lodge of MM for each new Brother.