Masonic Traveler
On Wednesday March 23, 2016, my Dad, a 61 year Mason, laid down his working tools and went to the Celestial Grand Lodge above. His funeral was held on Monday March 28 with Masonic rites at the mortuary and graveside Military rites. There were about 200 people in attendance. My younger brother and I took two of his beloved John Deere tractors to the cemetery Sunday night and placed them on either side of the gate about 75 yards from Dad's grave and placed two stands for flags, that Dad had built, under one of the tires of each tractor. Monday my younger brother put a US flag in one stand and a John Deere flag the other stand and then brought Mom to the mortuary. A good friend of mine performed the Masonic funeral rites flawlessly and the 50 or so Masons in attendance placed an evergreen sprig in his casket. At the cemetery prior to the military service I told my younger brother that it was entirely too quiet on that hill and proceeded to start one of the tractors. That idling tractor was the perfect backup sound. I have always loved being a Mason but the love I have felt from my Brothers the last 12 days has strengthened that love. I am glad that I have had the last 19 years to experience the Masonic Brotherhood with my dad and I will be a better man and Mason because of him.

I will miss having him in Lodge every month and will definitely miss having him doing the part of GSW to my KS. Love you Dad.