Dang dog !


Masonic Mafia
At the mall with my youngest daughter last weekend (16) and she decides she's going to use the ladies room and asks me to hold her purse......little pink thing with black polka dots....she leaves, mailman walks by, nice purse dude.......what can you do but smile and say "thanks"
alright , I am going to tell on myself .

The wife and I were out at the mall . She was clothes shopping and went in to try on some pants . She hands me her purse and says 'Hold this for me" . Now , every time I go to lodge somewhere I carry my bag with me that holds my rituals , petitions , assorted educational papers and my plain white "members" apron that I sling over my shoulder . So when the wife handed the purse off to me , without thinking , I flung it over my shoulder .

So there I stood , with a purse hanging from my shoulder . Another husband looking equally as bored as I did looked at me at stated "wow , she has you wrapped !" and laughed . I look down , notice the pink purse hanging from my shoulder and just stated " Ah , SH*T !" .