Death of a Brother in my boyfriends lodge


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So my boyfriend is The Master of his lodge and a brother just passed away due to pancreatic cancer. I can't seem to stop thinking about his passing and his loved ones. The funeral is tomorrow and we live about 2 hours away, I have work tomorrow but I wanted some opinions from you guys. Am I coming off unsupportive through this sad time by not taking time off of work?


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Your own family, faith, and job should always come before Masonry. If you were close to the brother, I could see you taking the time but it sounds like you may have only known him in passing. Your boyfriend will probably be busy with the memorial service anyway so he wouldn't be able to be by your side.


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I agree with Windrider. I'm a Mason and my job precludes me from attending most memorials. No one feels that I am unsupportive.