Death of the ID MWJPGM


Traveling Templar
I know it's late since I am new here, but the family is going through a hard time.

Two Fridays ago the Most Worshipful Junior Past Grand Master, Bro Pete Cargill, passed away. Bro Pete had been fighting a severe case of cancer. He had been fighting it for most of 2008. In December he had fallen and went into a coma. The doctors and finally let him off of life support and he passed away hours afterwards. Bro Pete was definitely a ray of sunshine and was extremely involved in all things "Freemasonry".

I wasn't able to attend his funeral, it being in N Idaho, having work, and a Stated meeting to run. He will be missed. I hope you all can keep his family in your prayers.


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Prayers are being sent for the family of our fallen brother. I shall keep his family in my thoughts for their strength and understanding at their time of grief. Everyone will travel that path at some time in their mortal time, however it doesn't make anything easier on the family at their time of loss.