Did you know


MWSA Secretary
1. What is a propylaeum?
The court or vestibule in front of an edifice. (Also propylon)

2. What was the cost of the building Solomon’s Temple?
About $35,000,000.00. This figure is possibly an exaggeration. Figures given by different authorities vary from five million to five billion dollars. As methods and standards of computing values on our principles were unknown at the time of the erection of the Temple, and there is such a variation as to the intrinsic money value of a talent of either gold or silver, any estimate of the cost of the building can only be a conjecture.

3. What is the estimated cost of the priestly paraphernalia?
Between ten and eleven million dollars.

4. How many vessels of gold and silver were there in the Temple according to Josephus?
234,000 gold and 318,000 silver.

5. What mosque is now located on one of the slopes of Mount Moriah?
The Mosque of Omar.

6. What was the furniture of the Holy of Holies?
The only piece of furniture in the Most Holy Place was the Sacred Ark of the Covenant of the Lord.

7. Were there any bells in King Solomon’s Temple?
The use of bells in the third degree is manifestly an anachronism, because bells were not invented until the fifth century.

8. What was the furniture in the Holy Place in the temple?
Ten candlesticks of pure gold, five on each side, with lamps and scuffers. Ten tables of pure gold, five on each side, with bowls, basins, spoons, covers, a golden altar of incense, a table of shrewbread. The floor was gold set with precious stones.

9. From whom did David purchase Mount Moriah, as the future site of the Temple?
From Ornan, the Jebusite, for which he paid six hundred shekels of gold.

10. How old was the Temple when destroyed by the Chaldeans?
Four hundred and thirty five years.

11. What were the dimensions of the great porch of the Temple, through which priests were admitted to the sanctuary?
Twenty cubits long and ten cubits broad. (I Kings, 6:3)