MM Topic First visit in France


Plus-sized tuxedo model
My Grand Lodge announced at our last quarterly communication that we had reestablished relations with GLNF. I went through all the proper channels and arrived at the Provincial grand lodge of Brittany last night for a meeting.

I speak about three words of french and one of them doesn't get me slapped by women.

I was warmly welcomed (with some fine scotch) when I arrived about an hour before the meeting. I showed the Master my letter of introduction from the GLof MA and we proceeded to the lodge room.

The Master spoke for a bit outside the room and we went in. The meeting was in "York Rite" which seems to be almost exactly the Ritual I'm used to but in French. They conferred the "Companione" (Fellow Craft) on two candidates which was great for me as it's my favorite degree.

I was thinking what a great way to learn french! I know what they are saying, they are just saying it in a different language.

It now looks like I will be saving my company a lot of money as I'll be eating dinner at my new friends' homes for the rest of my stay here.


Plus-sized tuxedo model
Well, last night's dinner was pretty amazing. We started with Foie Gras then went on to Steak Tartare then a fish course and finally a pear crumble for desert. There were different wines for each course.

The restaurant used only locally produced ingredients and wines with low sulfur. Just amazing.

Tonight is dinner at a brother's home. I'm told there will be several brothers there.


I lived in Paris, from 1986-1987. I attended Stability-Concorde lodge 19/42, which met at the GLNF building in Neuilly, France. The lodge met in the GLNF building but the charter was held by the GL of Massachusetts, and the lodge used the California ritual. Even though the lodge was American, and English was spoken, about 2/3 of the membership was French! The French brothers liked to practice their English, and associate with Americans. I wore my tuxedo, white gloves, and custom made apron to the lodge meetings. After the meeting, we would adjourn to a city tavern, and enjoy a meal.

Some of my fondest Masonic memories, are from my experiences in Paris.