Pending Initiation Upon "Subtle" Request
So....I was subtly encouraged to join the Fraternity by a colleague of mine (without being flat-out invited) on Capital Hill during a mission of mine to expose the mad scientists who kidnapped me away for years on end when I was a little boy. Later I learned he did so partly because of my surname, so I did some digging on my ancestry and it turns out there's quite a few masons and famous historical figures on my family tree; Alexander Hamilton, Noah Webster, Bloody Mary/Queen of Scots....lots of kings, warriors, soldiers....and gods; Odin, Beowulf, Thor, and Sceafa a God Child from Noah's Ark according to legend were also on the family tree.......suddenly a lot of the weird things in my life started to make sense; there was even a prophecy of my birth according to my mother; I never should have been born. Doctors had said she was too elderly to give birth, so she laughed when a fortune teller informed her of my impending arrival. She told me I was an alien when I was sixteen, and that's why I'm kind of a freak in the psychic department and why I have a strong streak of hero-complex in me; running in while everyone else is running out. But I'd never had any actual proof of any real significance so I brushed it off and continued looking for the truth of my origins. Seeing that tree though kinda freaked me out. It was one thing when the question of my humanity was just the ramblings of my hair-brained mother; to just see it all laid out though was kinda overwhelming.

Been an Atheist for years, so it was especially a shock. I've decided to convert to Christianity though and reconsider my colleague's proposal. Kinda scared of what kind of man I'll become if I don't get some structure and a hard-set code of ethics. Scared of what the future has in store, and what I'll be capable of when I unlock my full potential. The first wave pretty much happened when I discovered some ancient stones buried under Scotland with carving on them; some thought it was just drawing but it looked like a star map; Orion constellation. Seems some others discovered the same thing as well, and now I'm not so sure if my being kidnapped all those years ago was ever really an accident at all, or if my life is even my own or if it' just all been a part of some big plan and I have no choice at all...

Still seeking answers I suppose; I'm a good man and I want to become better.


--John Hamilton


Plus-sized tuxedo model
That was quite an introduction. First off, I believe you have the wrong idea of what Masonry has to offer. We do not provide some structure and a hard-set code of ethics those things must already be in place before a man petitions. We say we make good men better, not that we take people who's lives are in turmoil and straighten them out. I'm not trying to be the bearer of bad tidings here but if I saw what you wrote on a petition I would tell you to seek professional help. I can assure you that Mary Queen of Scots was never a Mason. I can also assure you that Odin, Beowulf and Thor are probably not related to you. You may think these stories are helping you but a rational man does not claim such things. Whoever thought you would be a good Mason must not have known about this side of you.