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Hello brothers and sisters,

My wife and I were initiated into our local OES chapter about 2 weeks ago. We were very excited. My wife was excited to get an inside peak at Freemasonry as far as OES goes. My wife is from Turkey and didn't grow up in a Christian environment. Needless to say, she doesn't go to church now and that is completely fine in my opinion.

When describing the OES to her, as best I could, I told her they accepted all religions and beliefs except no belief. I explained that the stories given were from the Bible but I assured her it wasn't a strictly Christian organization and that the stories were metaphorical for her personal growth. She understood this and was comfortable with that. She looked forward to spiritual growth and I think thought there would be more conversations of spirituality and openness.

After the initiation, she expressed her concern with how much more Christian related it was and that she really felt it was mainly a Christian organization and therefore wasn't too comfortable with it considering the age difference with most members and the continued mentioning of Jesus and Christianity. I personally wasn't uncomfortable with it but felt like I had lied to her.

My question is, are there any books that give more of the spiritual and life lessons that are not just Bible quotes and references to Christ. Any guidance on this is appreciated.


Bro. Clint