Squirrels Happy Father's Day Video!!



Happy Fathers Day! I know I'm going to enjoy it. My family has a whole itinerary for today, and I don't have to lift a finger... :p:D


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Seen that one a lot, on my favorites list. They did a good mothers one too.

Hope all the fathers here have a great day. I've got to go back to getting the house ready for the party this afternoon.


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Happy Father's Day Brothers. Katie just now woke me up. Today should be fun. First time going to my Father's and Granddad's graves since their funerals.


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Happy Father's Day to all my Brothers who are fathers. Hope you have a great day.

My son just called, wished me a HFD, and told me a funny one. He is at summer camp (National Guard summer camp in South Dakota) he was promoted to E-5 just before camp. One of the other guys (from the city) who had KP ran outside to go on duty, he ran back in scared sh**less and told Devin that there was a bear outside the door ready to eat him, Devin looked outside and started laughing --- it was a buffalo that was just roaming the camp.