Hello from Ventura County!

Hello All! Glad to have the opportunity to join this forum and that it is available. I own a small business in Ventura County (north of Los Angeles, CA) and am the proud father of four and grandfather of ten. I wish I had joined this group earlier but I actually am joining it because I need advice on dealing with the recent anti-gay discrimination claims. I researched this and apparently Georgia has indeed banned all gay members. My personal concern is that one of my brothers was featured in a very poor light in a video discussing bigotry in the Masons. I know he is not a bigot. My even larger concern, however, is that I was interviewed too. I cannot find the clip yet but I am worried that I will be branded as a homophobe which will greatly damage the life I have built for myself.
Welcome! Longtime lurker on this forum here. Glad to have you. Personally, I share your concern about where our organization stands in the face of history. If we do not take action soon, we will find ourselves increasingly ostracized by members of society.