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Hi, I'm from Arizona. I am not a member of any lodge but have a few questions. I believe either my father(when I was to young to know) or my Grandfather was a member in Toledo Ohio. If anyone could steer me to a site or individual who could help me determine which or both were members I'd appreciate it. I have a masonic ring also and wonder if there is anything special I should do with it.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Don,

You can do a web search for the Grand Lodge of the state your relatives were in when they were Masons. The Grand Lodge could confirm their membership.

The ring isn't worth more than "scrap value" to a pawn shop or jeweler. You might want to see if a local lodge may have a brother who would like to buy it from you. A better idea would be to join and wear it yourself. Just don't wear it without being a Mason or strange men will come up to you asking even stranger questions (How old is your mother?, that kind of thing) Since you will not be able to answer these questions you would be considered someone pretending to be a Mason.


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Thank you for your response and guidance. Not to worry about me wearing it, I feel it would disrespect those who have earned the right, including my relative.