House mounted mailbox


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My wife and I (hopefully) are closing on our first house this week. The house we are buying was completely gutted and redone from the studs out, and a new addition attached. The people who flipped this house did a very good job. Everyone seems to agree that this is "as close to a new house as you can get without new home hassles" and as I liked to add " home cost."

The only thing I noticed was missing from our new house, was a mailbox. On the street, there are several homes with mailboxes mounted on the house, and several with boxes on posts at the street.

I went to the local post office and asked what we'd need to do and was originally told we could put up either one on the road or one on the house. At my last trip to the post office, my wife at my side, we were told that we would have to put the box up on the side of the house.

Having never attempted to hang something on the side of a house before, I don't really know where to begin. I read online that I could use S hooks to secure the new mailbox to the siding, rather than splitting the siding by drilling.

For the record, I would have preferred to put a mailbox on a post by the road, but it doesn't look like the USPS wants to let that one go. My wife suggested putting a mailbox in the ground next to our front porch rather than mess around with hanging it on our door.

At the risk of being told "go to Home Depot, and read the back of the box its simple dummy," I figured I'd ask if anyone here had experience/suggestions on it.
its not a problem to hang or put in a post. if the outside of your home is brick its a bit more work, if its siding then there is sheeting behind it( just plywood) you can use self tapping screws they look like they have a drill bit on the end. NOTE if you wait to long and the siding gets cold it will crack and you will need to replace that peice.
the other opt. is dig a hole next to your porch the mail box post come premade get quick set cement and make sure you are deep enough. im by chicago an we need to go 42" to get it below the frost line. it can be a nice afternoon project and each time you get the mail you get that ( i did that feeling) good luck brother and congrats on the house


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I would much rather put it on a post by the house than on the house itself. One less hole in that siding is a good thing. I wouldn't ruin my siding unless they absolutely insisted that I put it there.


Fidelis ad Mortem
I think I violated the age old policy of "it's better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission" when I asked the USPS where they wanted it. I think I may just get one, stick it in the ground next to my porch and see if the mail gets delivered.


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We can do as we please . Many with fenced yards with dogs just put mailboxes on a post near the front gate . I put mine on the side of my house , I personally don't care I put a couple of holes in my new siding , plus all I have to do is stick my arm out the door to pick up the mail .


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I put one up at my house and did have to put in holes in the siding. It didn't occur to me at the time to use rust proof items. 2 years latter I had rust lines going down the siding. I would put in a post next to it also.


Fidelis ad Mortem
Update: The local letter carrier introduced himself while I was walking to my car. Long story short, he's happy that I want to put it in the ground near the porch since he won't have to go up my steps and onto my porch.