How did you find us?


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Looking up Freemason sites on Google and found this one. Very good and comprehensive site.


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I was looking up information on Freemasons when I stumbled upon this site through a google search.


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Found on Google

Found when i was doing Google search on 'Ancient and Primitive Rite' to find more info on that subject. I think you've had one question related to it posted on the forum. Thought it was a cool forum for a Mason to hang out, and i joined.


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I am a fairly new Christian and I've always been interested in Freemasonry. I did a Google search and came upon this site. Hoping to find out more.


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I saw a movie of Tom Hanks entitled "DaVinci's Code" and there's this scene where a group of people in the film wears a dark regalia robe with a veil or something and thus heard the name 'freemasonry'. I become interested in it and searched through Google then found this site.


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Ah , it only takes a few to have great conversations . I like this site better , and not because I am a moderator , than most other Masonic forums because we are a little more laid back here .