I'm so cheap...

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
I got back from the grocery store and found that one of the eggs had cracked in the carton.
It wasn't cracked when I pulled it out of the cooler; I always open the carton and jiggle each egg to make sure it's not stuck at the bottom from leakage.

How does this make me cheap? I heated up the griddle and poured the egg on to it and cooked it through (I broke the yolk) and made an egg sandwich.
I've taught foodservice sanitation in the Army, and I know that thoroughly cooking an egg eliminates any salmonella, so I felt safe.

Yeah, I'm a cheapskate!

Practice today [on my 28 day schedule]: "Confer 1st degree to lecture (without reading, with prayer)"


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Cheap would be taking the egg out of a trash can and cooking it. :) You are just frugal.

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer


Masonic Mafia
One has to be cheap these days .

I was so happy to pay my truck off . More money for us right !? NO , we now pay more for gas and for groceries , electricity , garbage/water bills etc; etc; . what I save on my truck payment every month now goes elsewhere . It seems , after I paid my truck off , they said NOPE , we are going to raise the prices for everything else and get that money you are saving . I am no better off now than when I was still making a monthly truck payment .

Bob Franks

Past District Deputy Grand Lecturer
Yesterday I was passing a parking lot at the local (Seymour Johnson) Air Force Base and discovered that there was a multi-family yard sale organized. I could not pass up getting another 1 quart crock pot for 5 bux!
Since the kids have been [mostly] out of the house over 10 years, I try to cut down recipes to "for two" and minimize left-overs, which often go uneaten until they spoil.
Here's the first try in the new (to me) Crockette-
[this is a variation on a pork chop recipe I made 2 weeks ago:]

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts [substituted for boneless pork chops]
1 TBL dried minced onion [this was supposed to be 2 slices of onion]
1 tsp dried minced garlic [this was supposed to be 1 minced clove of garlic]
½ cup barbecue sauce
2 potatoes (I use medium-to-small size)
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon cornstarch

Thaw the chicken breasts
Cover the onion and garlic with hot water while chicken thaws.
Spray crockette with Pam.
Put chicken breasts on the bottom of the crockette.
Sprinkle on onion/garlic mix or put a sliced of onion on each and sprinkle with the minced garlic.
Pour on barbecue sauce.
Cook 2-4 hours.
Wash, then cut each potato into 8 pieces, put on top of mix.
Cook another 4 hours. [last time I put the potatoes in at the start and they were overdone]
About 5 minutes before serving, remove chicken and potato from slow cooker and place on serving platter.
Cover to keep warm.
In 2-cup glass measuring cup or small microwave-safe bowl, blend water and cornstarch until smooth.
Pour juices from slow cooker into cornstarch mixture; mix well.
Microwave on HIGH for 1 to 2 minutes or until mixture boils and thickens slightly, stirring once halfway through cooking.
Serve sauce with chicken.

Wish me luck!