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I check this section of the forums every time I come here and I have to say I breath a sigh of relief when there are no new posts.

I hope the GAOTU keeps up the good work and keeps us all away from needing to post here.


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On Friday evening, we said farewell to a pillar of our Masonic Community. He was a Veteran of the Navy, and the Army. College Professor, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. Friend, mentor, educator.

As Commander of Hospitaller Commandery No. 46 stationed at Lock Haven, Pa. it saddens me to report the passing of Sir Knight Ernest E. Lundy. Gene was a pillar in the Masonic Community and well respected by those who made his acquaintance. Gene's Masonic record reflects his dedication to Freemasonry and is as follows:

ERNEST EUGENE LUNDY Blue Lodge: Entered: May 16, 1972, Passed: October 12, 1972, Raised: November 13, 1972, Master: 1977, Secretary: 1989-1990 Assistance Principal Instructor 18th. Masonic District 1994--Present. York Rite Masonry- Lafayette R.A.C. No. 163 Chapter: Marked: 4/19/73, Received & Accepted: 5/17/73 Exalted: 6/21/84, High Priest: 1978, 2007, Secretary/Chaplin: 2008, 2009, Nittany Council No. 57: Royal Master: 1/17/75, Select Master: 2/21/75,Super Excellent: 10/30/76, Thrice Illustrious Master: 1984Recorder: 1993-1996, Hospitaller CommanderyNo 46: Created & Constituted C.R.C. 11/1/1973, Constituted K.M. 11/1/1973, Dubbed and Created K. T. 11/20/1973, Emminent Commander: 1982, 1996, 1997, Prelate: 2008/2009

Scottish Rite Masonry Valley of Williamsport: Consistory: 11-14-1992, Sovereign Prince/ Princess of Jerusalem: 5/24/2001-02 , 33° - Indianapolis Indiana: 2001


Knight of York Cross of Honor Williamsport Conclave Knights of Red Penn Priory No. 6: October 3, 1987 Cross of Constantine: June 21, 1991

Pennsylvania York Rite College No. 11: Allied Masonic Degrees:

May 16, 1992 Honorary Member/2003: Susquehanna Council No. 244

Constans Commandery No. 33 Sovereign Master: 2000

Baldwin II Commandery No. 22


Cryptic Mason of the Year District 4: 1993

Illustrious Order of the Triangle: October 24, 2003

Outstanding Service Award/Lock Haven Masonic Bodies: May 9, 2009

It was a solemn occasion, attended by many who considered him a valued friend and brother. Please offer a prayer to his surviving family.