Master Masons Apron

Mark Farrin

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I found a market place called Red Tower regalia.

I have purchased a few items from them, their quality is very good, but i am very pleased with the purchase of my Apron. Check these Guys out.

I am not a paid employee of this company and stand to gain no profit.


I found red tower to have poor customer service. I tried to order on Black Friday sale, bit there was an issue with their site taking the discount code. They were slow to respond and never helped us get the correct pricing. Not to much on the level it seemed to me. Just my opinion based on my experience.


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Brothers, I know this is an old thread, but if I may share a recent (and my first) experience with purchasing a custom apron.

I purchased mine from I am to be raised soon and wanted a MM apron of my own. Very exciting. Every single time I sent them an email about anything concerning my order they replied within a few hours. They gave me a five week time-frame and beat that deadline by three days.

Most importantly, it's extremely high quality craftsmanship! I knew that the embroidery would be beautiful based on their pictures online, but what I wasn't all together expecting was the feel and thickness of the apron. It's substantial.

Here are some photos:

It's genuine white lambskin with velvet border and silver bullion hand embroidery, with my name under the flap and my lodge name at the bottom. What I didn't photograph is the pocket on the underside of the apron, the metal snake clasp, or the very nice padded apron soft case that fits perfectly in the apron case I purchased for it (from macoy).

I don't have the benefit of comparison as this is my first time ordering one, but I am extremely pleased and can't wait to be able to wear it after I'm raised! :)