My first time as WP


Masonic Mafia
I sat in the East for the first as Worthy Patron Thursday night . My Mother -in-Law is Worthy Matron . For two first timers , I must say it all went swimmingly . We had a great meeting , and it seems the longer I am in the OES the more and more I enjoy it . I truly love my sisters , more so for the more experienced sisters who have been at it for years , their knowledge of the Order makes me feel unworthy .

To all whom are not in the OES , I would highly recommend it . The Initiation ceremony is some of the most beautiful and meaningful degrees you will see . These ladies take it very seriously ,but have a great time in the process . And to those who think that these sisters are "subservient" to the men/Masons need to see what it is all about before making that false statement . In the words of my a Past Worthy Matron , the men are to be seen and not heard , it's their show and they run it .

But really , if you are not in the OES , give it some serious thought about joining . I promise you that you will not be disappointed .


Masonic Mafia
They have a wonderful Intitiation ritual . I can't wait to put it on once I get it all completely put to memory .


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Congratulations. My knees would be knocking so hard doing that I would think someone would try and answer them. :)

I've tried talking to the wife about OES but she has no interest.