My Truck


Fidelis ad Mortem
My wife and I are trying to sell our 2001 Ford Ranger. We've got a car and and SUV now and we really don't need the truck. Plus, the truck has been running rough for a while now and neither one of us tinker around with vehicle much... I change my own oil and brakes and that's about it. My wife worries the truck would crap out when we're in the middle of nowhere, so it just sits there. We made the decision to drop the insurance on the truck, and under WV law that means we had to send the plate back to DMV. Needless to say, we haven't had too many people who want to buy a truck they can't test drive. As a result, and our desire to get the truck out of our old apartment complex driveway, we've dropped the price to just several hundred dollars. I didn't want to post an advertisement on Freemason Hall, but I did want to give any brothers in the eastern Ohio/western WV/mid-Ohio Valley area first dibs on buying the truck. All reasonable offer's entertained, and I'll be happy to throw in a S&C front plate for free. :) PM me if interested.

My wife told me the battery is pretty dead and needs to be jumped.


I Just did the same thing with my Jeep Cherokee. Try Craig's list. You'll sell it in no time!