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Again, I am not a Shriner, but my father is (the only reason for me not to be right now is simply $$$). Anyhow, this past Friday, I participated in the Potentate's Golf Outing, sponsored by Jaffa Shrine, Altoona, PA. This is the Shrine my father is affiliated with. It is about a 2 hour drive one-way to go there, and my father makes the trip about 4-5 times a month. As it was stated, there are a multitude of "clubs" within the Shrine, each one meets at different times, and in different rooms of the Building. Several times a year they have a "Shrine" activity which all clubs participate in, but most of the year it is isolated to the various clubs. They have the Shrine Circus, and the Golf outing, and a "gun and money party". These activities pay the bills. Then all of the parades that they attend during the summer months is just to make them publicly known. I'm giving all of this background because, my father also belongs to our counties "shrine club" because there is no "Shrine" within our county, and so they don't have to travel the 2 hours to get to the "Shrine", they typically meet once a month at a restaurant for socializing, and conducting a short business meeting. They support the Shrine by doing the fund drives at local businesses for the Shrine Hospital, and plaque drives. So although there are a few activities that you can Volunteer at, there does not seem to be an over abundance of them. Keep at it, and I wish the best for you in your endeavors with the Shrine.
I DID research the forums for "recruitment" and got no posts (except a few where the word "recruitment" appears). If someone can connect me to some posts dealing with with recruitment, I'd appreciate it.

And....maybe the problem at our temple is that the younger/new Nobles are NOT pulling the weight (and are not expected to). Instead, the older gents are doing it "the way it has always been done" and that does not work anymore(?).
Come to MN......We're begging for help. Tonight we have an initial planning meeting for a mini golf fundraiser coming up later this summer. We also sell peanuts and popcorn at the fair's beer garden, fundraising for the temple's "hospital transportation fund". Come February, we'll serve some 500+ at a pancake breakfast. We have a small clown unit that will do 5 or 6 parades this summer (We have 2 clowns in their 20's). The fundraising is to cover operating costs of the club, but more especially, a free evaluation clinic for potential hospital patients in the spring (We've sent more than 20 local kids the last 2 years). We also managed to donate $10k to our local lodge last year to contribute to a new roof. But this is all at the club level, not the temple level.


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Thank you all for opening this dialog. As fate and coincidence would have it, I heard from another new Noble yesterday. This man was made a Shriner the same evening as me and I have not seen him since. He called me seeking information about our upcoming monthly meeting. Curious, I asked why I have not seen him at any event since February. His answer, he did not know what was going on at the temple and had not heard a single thing from the any member group. I tried to reach him but did not have his contact info (and I did not want to overstep my new-Noble bounds).

Does the temple have any responsibility to help get new Nobles involved, or are we "on our own?" Does the top-line signer accept any responsibility? The mentor? If we are on our own, don't be surprised if some folks walk in, look around, and leave.

If others have similar experiences as ours, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but it does not bode well for the organization.

I hope to see my friend at our next that he knows when it is!


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My Temple publishes a bi-monthly Fez with Temple & Club news. Also, included is a two month calendar of scheduled events and a separate list of events scheduled for the year. ... Does your Temple have similar publications? .... Does your Temple have a web site?
If you have not received any notices or event calendar, call the Temple office and request one. ... You also indicate that you were a member of the local Shrine Club, talk to your President about your concerns

How many Nobles does your Temple have as members? My Temple has a little over 1300. This is down from more than 3000 abt 15 years ago.


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I do not think this is Shriner-wide. But may be a problem in your area sadly. Just like I've heard from others how other organizations including Blue Lodge left them wanting as new members.

My biggest problem with the Shrine is the club I truly want to join is expensive as it is a motor unit. Along with that fact they are older and they practice on a weekday. But I do enjoy talking with them. I may join and hope that family keeps out of the doctors long enough to save up the money.

That all being said. Start showing up to events and asking what help you can provide. You had mentioned another new Noble not knowing about up coming events. Do they send out a newsletter of sorts? Maybe you can help organize one if they do not.