Online Lodge Calender??


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Happy New Year Brothers, I hope everyone is doing well!
I wasn't sure what heading to put this under, so I thought I cant go wrong with General Talk. I need to pick some intelligent brains, and see if anyone has come across what I am looking for.
I am looking for an online "calender", whereby people can put events on there, such as a degree, or maybe they are giving the lecture at another Lodge, anything that is out of the ordinary. The catch is, only INVITED people can add to the calender, but anyone can "see" the calender.
For example, Say a Brother in my Lodge is going to be giving the Fellowcraft Lecture at a neighboring Lodge. We would want to let any MM know about it who was interested in attending. Anyone in a Lodge or Lodges can see this calender. (I'm not sure if it would be available to the public or by invite only. Don't think that decision has been made yet). But, only Officers can POST things on it. The difference between this and say, a Facebook post, is the form it is in. A post in a Facebook group would eventually get pushed down the page and forgotten about. With a calender, the whole month is available at a glance.
Anyone have any ideas? or am I looking for something that doesn't exist?

Thank you Brethren.


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In addition, Google Calendars lets your users sync the lodge calendar directly to their smartphones, so there's nary an excuse for missing a meeting.

Dave Hommel

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We use google Calendar for calendar and communication. We also enter all members into Contacts and tag them into the Members group, Officers group, etc so that we can email any grouping we need. Google lets you link to the various things you use (such as calendar) on your webites:

We've also discovered that having a google account for the lodge makes a permanent, central point of contact which never needs to be changed (as opposed to having to update all officers' email addresses each year.) Instead, all communications arrive in this one lodge account, and a few of us monitor it and forward emails as needed.
Google mail stays around forever, so this also serves as a great research tool for secretaries.


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You can also link to your Google Calendar through the Calandar App in Windows 10, and it actually syncs better than my phone does at times.