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This argument can go on forever. What winter has is so called facts and what fireman has it what is called faith. Faith is believing in something that can not necessarily be proven true or false. I go with faith over evolution. There is nothing that I have ever read that has changed that faith. I see no sense in argueing with someone about it. Believe what you want but do not put down another for having a different belief. general I will agree BUT..... my belief is not just faith.... I believe it to be fact as well. Facts are always subjective to those looking at them and it is fine by me that someone else does not believe my facts to be true..... it is obvious I do not take others facts to be true...just because others believe it to be so.


Brother Nagy -

I have been asked by my WM to give the Lodge a "lecture" in Masonic Etiquette, probably because I complain at the lack of etiquette that sometimes occurs! Our GL (NYS) only provides a 48 page pamphlet.

Do any of your books cover this topic ? If not would you have any recommended readings?

If any other Brothers have a recommendation please chime in!

Warm, fraternal and best regards,
Brother David Farrell
Connetquot #838