Prayer for our youth


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Lately, I have been very upset with all the news about the kids that are taking their own lives. I don't understand when did it became OK to bully someone to the point of driving them to death. It is something more than just plain pranks. It is about intolerance. It is about wanting to hurt those that are different than us. There are a lot of things I don't like in the world, but I live and let live. Please pray so there is more kindness and tolerance in this world.


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I wholeheartedly join my prayers to yours. I have seen so much heartache in my own family due to bullying. My niece is a sweet girl with glasses and a love for books. It is unbelievable that they are always trying to feel less than the rest of her class. Fortunately, her school is trying to do something about it. However, she still is very hurt. I pray to God we are able to reach and teach kids to be accepting of their peers. I pray they learn the value of life and how fragile it is.

Robert Birtch

Yeah, I can agree with some of this. I knew a young man who had attempted suicide and failed, and carted off in an ambulance, but died on arrival, nonetheless. I kind of wish I'd asked him if he wanted to join DeMolay with me, because rhen he might never have attempted to kill himself to begin with.