Question about the degrees.

Jon Brown

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I have heard that with each degree the Mason is given knowledge which in the subsequent degrees is told that the knowledge he previously was given was wrong and that this new knowledge is correct. If what I stated is correct I have a different interpretation on why this is done, namely the Mason is being taught a lesson on Belief itself.

Can anyone comment on whether this is the case?


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No, that is not the case.

You are not going to get much more of an answer from any real Mason.
Hi Jon,
Your question is one that is normally found amongst a subset of conspiracy theorists often called anti Masons. It is based on quotes taken from 2 very old books (one written by a Mason and the other by a non-Mason), one of the quotes is actually made up by passages around 500 pages apart which were threaded together to give the impression that the Mason had said basically what you have asked and the other was quoted correctly but written by a non-Mason who was just guessing.

Suffice it to say that an activity that bases its ceremonies and symbolism on the builder's craft finds importance in good and sure foundations. The information delivered to the Candidate in each degree builds on that previously given, there is no contradiction at any point.


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In the process of memorizing our Ritual, I learned quite a bit about the overall structure of the degrees. Although they at first appear to be separate and independent of each other, when a man completes them, he realizes they were all part of a larger whole. There are no contradictions or misleading portions of the degrees. They are serious, solemn occasions where a man who entered as a friend is taught the lessons which will help him become a brother.