Being a Firefighter, I've been blessed with an abundance of good cooks in the firehouse. We share recipes between shifts, and it's become a competition between the stations (houses) in my district. Everything from breakfast to dinner we have specialties. I've actually thought about having a cook book made up for gifts for the stations.

Is anyone interested in sharing some of their recipes among Masons? I know the one thing we always seem to argue about is what is going to be served at the next Lodge meeting.

I've got some recipes I'm willing to share, how about you? From breakfast, BBQ, to deserts and snacks. I've got plenty to share. I think it would be cool to see what we come up with to share. Any interest?


Cock a Leekie soup

This is a authentic traditional Scottish recipe, it's basically a chicken soup. made of chicken and Leeks. Before you poo poo it, give it a try it's delicious.

1- 4lb chicken w/ giblets if possible
5 cups water
1 chicken stock cube if needed (no giblets)
1 large onion (peeled and chopped)
1- bay leaf
a few stalks of fresh thyme ( I tie them together) or 1tsp of dried thyme
1lb Leeks (4-6) washed trimmed into diagonal slices
18 pitted ready to eat prunes ( yeah I know, but they are really good in this recipe!!!!)
2-3 tbs of long grain rice
2- tbs of parsley fresh or dried

Salt and pepper the chicken liberally . Add to to the water. Cook breast side down. simmer and skim off fat. Add the onions and cook for 30 minutes.
Turn chicken and cook 30 minutes more. Add leeks, rice, and prunes. remove giblets if you added them. Cook another 15-20 minutes.

Debone, season to taste, and add parsley. Serve in a bowl with bread. I like french bread.

Goes good with a pint of ale traditionally.

Let me know what you think. The guys at the firehouse love it. So does my family.


Staff member <-- As the wife said, he is my idiol.

However, something for breakfast I picked up and love. Take some of that ready made bread found in the freezer section. 3 loafs a package. Grease a bowl and put a loaf per bowl, cover, and let sit over night. Take a piece off in the morning, spread out, and cook on med heat on a cast iron pan with butter until golden brown. Flip & repeat. Enjoy with butter and/or jam. That is a staple in my Holiday Breakfast now.

The rest of my recipes require a smoker, campfire, or dutch oven. Otherwise it is an Alton Brown or as I am told, family secret.