Rosicrucians and Freemasonry

Unless a Rosicrucian organisation pretended to somehow make its members Freemasons there would be no reason why a Grand Lodge would care about it. Other than members in common there is no specific link between the two organisations.

here in England there is a Rosicrucian Order whose membership is specifically restricted to Master Masons called The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia.


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As far as I know, there is no prohibition against any Faith. The only question we ask regarding the faith of a prospective member is, "Do you believe in the Supreme Being to whom you are accountable?" If you can answer "yes" we really don't care what you call the Grand Architect or how you worship Him.

There is a Masonic order called the Rosicrucians that are mainly interested in Masonic research and education.

hans bargholz

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I was also under the impression that there is no conflict between the two organisations, and know that there are a number of prominent Masons including Ashmole and Pike who belonged to the Rosicrucians. However the District Grand Secretary of the District of South Africa North UGLE has just barred the brother of two of our members from applying to join a Lodge in Johannesburg. He has also stated that if it turns out that the two members of my Lodge turn out to also belong to the Rosicrutians, they must be expelled. He claims that this directive comes directly from Grand Lodge in London.
Then if you are affected you should ask your District Grand Secretary for an explanation and if he does not give one then you would send a letter to the Grand Lodge in London as it is the final authority on such things.

hans bargholz

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The SRIA site is most interesting and the Master of the Lodge concerned has drawn the attention of the DGS to it. He has now passed the problem on to the DGMaster. Let´s see what transpires.
J. Bargholz
I wonder if he has confused the Rosecrucians with the Order Templi Orientis which does pretend to make its members Masons during one of its ceremonies.