Scottish or York Rite


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When my grandfather and great grandfather were masons,most would usually choose one or the other. They were both 33 degree /Purple hat Scotish Rite masons so I heard over and over again how Scotish Rite was better than York Rite. An interesting historical fact is that Albert Pike was both joining York Rite first. I am finding out that most of the leaders of my Scotish Rite Valley are also members of the York Rite! I just sent in my petition to join the York Rite today! I think Both are important and worth joining!


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York Rite

The Royal Arch Degree is a must for any Master Mason who is interested in the whys and hows of the 3rd Degree as it explains and fills in missing parts.
i've chosen york rite because of my interest in the knights templar. i'm not a member of york rite yet but i have turned in my petition to join. i will be going to the lodge in a week and a half to receive my mark master degree. :D
We have all three York Rite bodies in Owatonna, whereas I would have to travel a minimum of 45 miles to participate in Scottish Rite. My schedule is pretty tight with work and family, plus a heavy commitment to Blue Lodge and Shrine to try adding SR to the mix. Plus, I'm not sure how many more dues cards I can afford! Still, I'll probably do Scottish Rite at some point in the not too distant future.


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I too live too far from my SR valley for it to be worth while . I went through the degrees and I have the books/ritual , I really see no need to pay yearly dues to carry a dues card in my wallet or an extra number beside my name , I can gather all the Light I need from the SR for free by studying "A Bridge to Light" , Morals and Dogma and the SR ritual . I did not join originally for ranks or titles anyway , but for more light and other than helping put on degrees at reunions there is not much I can do as a member .

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SR v. YR

Which one did you choose and why?
1. When I got more interested and involved in Lodge, and demitted to my current Lodge, most of the Brothers were involved in York Rite, and told me that it would answer a principle question of the MMD.

2. York Rite-local.
Scottish Rite-70 miles away to the nearest club.



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I joined YR mostly because they were a flagging body in our lodge-- It was starting to die out, but we needed it on the local board of directors to manage the temple. For as excellently intellectual as SR looks, I've heard the initiation fee is somewhere between $300 and $400, and that's just not practical for me. I figure I can join when I'm older-- it's not going anywhere, after all.


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Both are groovy, groovy things. If you have to join only one, join the one that meets in your Lodge building. If none meet in your Lodge building, then join the one that's closest to you.