shelter or a breeder?


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Where does everyone get their pets from? Do you prefer one over the other? Any places you will NOT go to?


Masonic Mafia
I have bought my Chow from a breeder , but I normally get my dogs from shelters . Feels good to rescue a dog . I will not buy from any pet stores , they get most all their dogs from puppy mills . Take "Petland " for example , they get their puppies through a puppy broker called the Hunt Corp . , who in turn buy their puppies from puppy millers .

I did go against my own rule once . I was in a Petland killing time while the wife shopped for clothes . A couple was looking at a Jack Russell Terrier and I over heard them say that they will breed her and sell her puppies . I was so mad after hearing that I bought her out from under them , which in turn made them mad . No dog should be used as a puppy machine .