Shriners doing something right


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I know a few of you here have, well, a bad taste in your mouth from Shriners who may have tried to push them into joining. But they seem to be doing something right in the area. Our local SR valley canceled their spring reunion after only two people petitioned to join, the Shriners got around 30 for their Spring/Summer ceremonial. Not sure how the YR is doing, as I have not joined yet. It is a time however when all bodies are seeing less numbers coming through.

Some of these things may work for a Blue Lodge, some may not. Some may be too in your face for some, but maybe some people can find a way to come up with ideas, not only for their Lodge, but other bodies as well.

These things include setting a goal for the year.
The Noble who is the top line signer for the most petitions will get a reserved parking spot.
Each top line signer gets entered into a pool to win a new HDTV.
Top line signers of 4 or more petitions have their choice of dues waived for a year, or four tickets to the Potentate's Ball.
Any unit or club that exceeds its assigned goal wins a Friday night dinner party at the lounge.
Any new Noble under 40 years of age pays 50% of his initiation fee.
The Divan will travel to any outlying club to perform Cold Sands for 4 or more candidates.

Their newsletter includes news from other bodies, from SR to DeMolay, to other Shriner Bodies.

One thing that I like one of the clubs does is the cigar club. While I enjoy a cigar every once in a blue moon, I'm not expert. But every newsletter they not only talk about the club, but give information on cigars. For someone who is not an expert like myself, it is one of the first things I head for. It may not work with all clubs, but why could they not include some information in their news.


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Being newly raised,I am weighing my options.Initally I had all intentions on joining the Shriners,but the nearest is over an hour away.And my concern is I wont have time to really participate(I m out of town 2 weeks a month)and the distance.Id really love the Dune Buggy crew,as to where I live Mardi Gras is very prominent.